The 365 Project are mentors and activists who support the people of Yellow Springs, Ohio in engaging critically and respectfully in courageous conversations and action that promotes diverse African-American heritage, culture, and racial equity, 365 days a year.

There are so many ways to participate; join our leadership group, be a mentor, view a Black Culture film screening, contribute to our Black History Encyclopedia, or donate to our non-profit. Contact us.



The 365 Project of Yellow Springs was formed in 2008 to serve as a catalyst that challenges and supports the people of Yellow Springs and Miami Township in fighting racism. Our country for the past four hundred years has employed racism to its fullest against people of color and sadly the elements of racism continues in 2020 as Black Americans endure hardships of racism by government entities that are pledged to protect and serve the people, all people.


For 200 years the village of Yellow Springs has tried to exist as a bastion of inclusivity and acceptance of people from all walks of life, particularly Black Americans. However our village has had its own share of hiccups in terms of racism towards local Black Americans which The 365 Project is committed to eradicate.


In light of the most recent transgressions that has once again taken place in our country towards Black Americans i.e. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, John Crawford, Tamir Rice and countless others since the landing of the Mayflower; The 365 Project is further committed to serving as a catalyst in rooting out the evil disease of racism. Ralph Ellison once said “I am invisible, understand simply because people refuse to see me” and Gil Scott Heron professed that “The revolution will not be televised” however the tragic events of the past few months are in full view for all to see and the atrocities against Black Americans is now being televised and is fully visible for all to see!


John Gudgel, President of The 365 Project

Dr. Kevin McGruder, Treasurer


Since 2012, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been designated Giving Tuesday in an effort to
encourage online giving to nonprofits across the nation. For Giving Tuesday this year, on Tuesday,
December 1 st the 365 Project has a goal of obtaining donations from 25 new donors. Giving Tuesday
donations made to the 365 Project will support the Elaine Comegys Film festival that screens films about
the Black experience for Yellow Springs youth and adults. After a hiatus due to COVID-19, in 2021 we
plan to resume the festival using an online platform. To make a Giving Tuesday donation to the 365
Project go to https://www.the365projectys.org/ and press the “donate” button. Thanks.

We are here to help

The 365 Project is aligning with other community organizations in providing information and resources for those who are seeking assistance during the Covid 19 pandemic. The Yellow Springs Community Foundation (yscf.org or 937-767-2655) has information regarding food assistance, loan information, food deliveries, donations and other resources. The YSCF is serving in the capacity for several local entities: Current Cuisine, Tom's Market, Yellow Springs Senior Citizens Center, Yellow Springs Federal Credit Union and other local establishments.​ 

Contact the 365 Project by email at the365projectys@gmail.com
or by mail at: P.O. Box 165 Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

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