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Wheeling Gaunt Day

OCTOBER 15, 2022

The 365 Project hosted Wheeling Gaunt Day on Saturday, October 15th to commemorate the October 2021 unveiling of the Wheeling Gaunt statue near the Yellow Springs train station. Activities honoring the formerly enslaved real estate investor and philanthropist included proclamations from Mayor Pam Conine and Village Council President Brian Housh.


Presentations on aspects of Wheeling Gaunt's life by Brenda Hubbard, Vivian Markley, and Nadia Malarkey, and the Heart of Humanity game presented by members of the Yellow Springs Ba'hai Center. Yellow Springs Baking Company cookies and mini tarts along with coffee and chai were available throughout the morning and afternoon activities at the statue plaza. The day concluded with "Wheeling Gaunt's Yellow Springs" walking tour led by McKinney Middle School students Jaden Douglas and Lila Crockett.


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