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Courageous Conversations 

Courageous Conversations are a partnership of the 365 Project and the Yellow Springs Havurah and will engage the community in personally meaningful dialog about their experiences of racism and to encourage individual and collective action.


In Fall, 2019, the project will conduct 3-4 groups. Each group will include 8-10 diverse participants and will meet for six two-hour sessions.  The groups will discuss their personal experiences and understanding of racism, its effects on them as individuals, and its effect on Yellow Springs as a community. They will also identify personal and collective action steps to be taken to combat racism. 


Each group will be led by two diverse facilitators and will meet in one of the participant’s homes. Three or four groups will meet in the fall of 2019.  Courageous Conversations groups will set their own ground rules and share responsibility for the quality of the discussions. Facilitators will help manage discussions but will not attempt to teach or instruct the group about racism.


If you are interested in participating in one of the groups or in more information, please contact Len Kramer by email at or by phone at 767-2324 or 572-4840.

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