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Our Annual Black History in Yellow Springs Tours 

The 365 Project hosts "Blacks in Yellow Springs Tours" each summer with tours that have different themes. The tour guides are some of our Young People of Color mentees, middle and high school students, who will lead you on historically enriching walks around the village.

Our 2020 tours will be virtual tours broadcast through the Facebook page of the 365 Project, (  at 1pm Eastern time on the following dates:


  • July 25th: Wheeling Gaunt’s Yellow Springs;

  • August 8th: Blacks in Yellow Springs General Tour;

  • August 29th: Blacks at Antioch College;

  • September 5th: Black Landownership in Yellow Springs;A 

  • October 3rd: Black Women in Yellow Springs;

  • October 17th: A Black History Tour of Glen Forest Cemetery


Following the tour dates, recordings will be available on the on the Facebook page and at

Local Youth Mentees are our Blacks in Yellow Springs Tour Guides

Sample Tour: Black Businesses in Yellow Springs

Com’s Restaurant

Owned by a Black couple, from the 1940s through the 1970s and was known for great food including fried chicken, pizza, and other food. Very popular restaurant for Black and white residents and Antioch students. 

Com's Restaurant
Gabby’s Barbecue

Gabby Mason, a Black man sold barbecue from several locations in the village over many years. This building was his home and the location of his last site for the barbecue business. 

Gabby's BBQ.JPG
Wheeling Gaunt’s House

Wheeling Gaunt was born in Kentucky in 1812.He purchased his freedom in the 1840s and he bought real estate in Carrollton, Kentucky. 

In the 1860s he sold his Kentucky property and moved to Yellow Springs. 

Wheeling Gaunt.JPG
Dayton Business District

The Dayton street was the original main business district of the Village until a fire in the 1800s destroyed much of it. ​From the 1950s through the 1970s many Black businesses were located in the Dayton business district. In the tour our guides will talk about the different locations of business in Walnut St, Corry St.,Xenia Ave., and Kings yard.  

Yellow Springs Toy Store

Owned by Jamie Sharp, a Black woman,  opened this new business approximately two years ago

Little Art Theatre

In this tour, the guides will talk about the desegregation process of the seats in the theatre and through a community effort of nearby colleges desegregation occurred. ​​

Gegner Barbershop Story

In the early 1960s Ohio passed a law outlawing discrimination in public places and barber Lewis Gegner refused to cut Black men’s hair. To find out more, join our tour. ​


Tour Guides Appreciation

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