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Welcome to Wheeling Gaunt Wednesdays!

Good morning!

On our social media platforms we are beginning the tag: #WheelingGauntWednesdays so that supporters and followers can keep tabs on our updates. Below is a quote from a man, Stephen P. Speir, who had the chance to see our float and shared his thoughts: "I was in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the annual town reunion week! A fantastic Idea that should be adapted everywhere. And I was fortunate enough to be a witness to a wonderful small town 4th of July festive parade. In the parade, there was a float in this man’s honor (Wheeling Gaunt) and banners mentioning the project to erect a statue in his name. Clearly an individual that people's of this town believed should be honored with his statue. I'm all for celebrating local heroes but realized that where I felt very close to the spirit of Yellow Springs, OH, I had no Idea that this man was such an integral part in the Ideals of what Y.S.O. is and should always be about. Kindness and community. So many of us are born in places that are entirely not anything like this. No wonder we are so drawn to a place that for the most part exemplifies those principal. Yellow Springs suffers a bit for the tourism that is continually at their steps. And yet they greet all who come their way with banners at each entry to the town, emblazoned for all to see " KINDNESS". I know that as for myself, I learned the significance of this very thing at the hands of the people from this town. Sometimes you need a simple thing like friendship and community to open your mind and your heart. Wheeling gaunt certainly understood this and has helped us all that way. If there is a proper way to contribute to this mans cause, I for one would be and am honored to participate."

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