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Celebrating Wheeling Gaunt in Present Day

Happy Monday!

This past Friday, the youth and the Young People of Color Group in Yellow Springs gathered at Gaunt Park to dance, swim and eat in fellowship. This was a part of the YPOC Group's annual pool party that is an open event within the Yellow Springs community but this celebration has a unique significance in that it takes place at Gaunt Park. Gaunt Park was originally part of the numerous properties within the area that was owned by Wheeling Gaunt, himself. Upon Gaunt's death he left the willed that the property be maintained in order to produce sacks flour that would be given the widows in the area during the holiday season. This gesture solidified the memory of Wheeling Gaunt in Yellow Springs and had an incredible impact on the widows who received his gracious gift. A tradition that continues to this day and every year around Christmas time, volunteers within Yellow Springs gather to give widows and others in need sacks of flour and sugar.

Gaunt Park was not what Wheeling Gaunt had originally intended but the impact and importance of that space on the community is undeniable and even more so with the continuation of Gaunt's desired tradition remains unwavering through the dedication of our local citizens and those who are moved by Wheeling Gaunt's dedication to his chosen community.

See you Wednesday for more Wheeling Gaunt Wednesdays! Until then, enjoy some pics of Gaunt Park from the pool party:

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